Steven L. Fowler, P.E.

Steven L. Fowler, P.E.Advisor/Board Member

B.S. Mechanical Engineer | Texas A & M University

Mr. Fowler began his career at Exxon Company USA in 1980 as a Production Engineer for various East Texas and Texas Gulf Coast oil and gas fields. In this position, he was responsible for preparing completion, recompletion, stimulation and remedial workover procedures for both oil and deep, high pressure, tight gas fields. He provided consultation, support and interpretation services to field personnel during workover/completion rig operations. Steve lectured at Exxon’s schools on Hydraulic Fracturing Stimulation Designs and Treatments. During this time, he also designed, implemented and evaluated acid stimulations, massive hydraulic fracture stimulations and gravel pack installations.

In January 1993, Steve joined Ely and Associates, Inc. as a Petroleum Engineer. He is responsible for fracture stimulation designs, field supervision and Quality Control on numerous types of wells. He has been responsible for fracture stimulation design and implementation on numerous wells in East Texas, West Texas, North Texas, South Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Wyoming. He has also designed and supervised hydraulic fracture and acid treatments for horizontal wells in the North Sea and frac pack and gravel pack operations in the Gulf of Mexico.

He has gained a vast amount of experience in the Vicksburg, Deep Frio, Lobo Wilcox, and Yegua formations of South Texas having worked those areas for ExxonMobil, Pogo (PXP), Newfield, Dominion (XTO), Brigham, Headington, and a large number of smaller independent operators. He began working the Deep Wilcox formations of Lavaca, Wharton, Goliad, DeWitt, and Fort Bend counties in late 1997. The work in those areas were for Louis Dreyfus (Dominion/XTO), Newfield, KCS (PetroHawk), Mission Resources (PetroHawk), Dale Operating, Forest Oil, Hunt Oil and many other independent operators.

Along with the work in South Texas, Steve has also been involved in the JITP (Just In Time Perforating) technique for stimulating multiple zones in the Mesaverde formation in Colorado. He also has been involved in the design and implementation of multi-stage stimulations in the Barnett, Fayetteville, Woodford, Haynesville, Marcellus, and Eagleford Shale formations.

His diverse background in well completion, acid and hydraulic fracture stimulation makes him a much-valued asset to Ely and Associates, Inc. Currently as the Operations Manager, he approves contracts along with managing the Ely and Associates employees in Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Arkansas, the Rockies, and offshore GOM. He is a registered Professional Engineer and a member in good standing of the Society of Petroleum Engineers.