Ely and Associates Corp and Mosaic Petroleum Analytics LLC Joint Venture

For Immediate Release

April 16, 2018 – Houston, TX

Effective March 27, 2018 Ely and Associates Corp has formed a mutually beneficial Joint Venture with Mosaic Petroleum Analytics LLC.  Ely and Associates Corp is the largest hydraulic fracturing consulting company in the U.S.  They work worldwide and their primary focus is the design and implementation of hydraulic fracturing treatments.  Their major customers include hundreds of independent as well as major oil companies.   They have more than 90 service engineers in field operations worldwide.  Ely, in its 27th year, is known for not only complex conventional and unconventional fracture design and quality assurance for E & P’s but also works closely in completion design and refracturing of previously stimulated reservoirs.

Mosaic Petroleum Analytics LLC is a newly formed Texas-based company which uses customer and public industry databases, proprietary algorithms, and workflows that quantify how individual completion parameters and lateral spacing influence early production, ultimate reserves and investment economics.  Mosaic blends empirical analysis with physics-based tools to quantify the value uplift of optimal and near-optimal completion designs.  Mosaic is staffed with recognized world-class experts that have more than 240 years of combined experience, almost all of which is in unconventional reservoirs. Their deep experience and insight into the technical, management and board perspectives for acquiring, evaluating, developing and selling unconventional assets and companies provides a unique combination of technical and business acumen.  Additional information about Mosaic can be found at www.mosaicpa.com.

The combined talent of the two companies yields a joint venture with a vast array of experience, data and tools which can be brought to bare for exploration and development companies in either acquisitions or evaluating the short and long-term economics of completion strategies and reservoirs.

Contact for more information:

John Ely
Ely and Associates Corp

George Voneiff
Mosaic Petroleum Analytics LLC

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