Design, implementation, and optimization

In North America, virtually every producing well on land has been hydraulically fractured, and the way the fracture treatment is designed has a direct impact on the operator’s success.

Many E&P companies have walked away from very successful shale plays because the wrong fracture treatment failed to produce results.

Ely and Associates has a time-tested track record of success in virtually every shale play in North America, and many others around the world.


Our core objective

Massive hydrocarbon reserves, enough to produce energy to the growing population for many years, are locked in low-permeability reservoirs around the world.

Many of these plays have been deemed inviable with conventional drilling, due to the slow release rate from tight pores in the rock.

By creating intricate, interconnected fracture systems in the rock with water injected under high pressure, producers are able to extract fuels in exponentially higher volumes.

Effective treatment results in interconnected fracture systems, which greatly increases the surface area of the rock formation, allowing more hydrocarbons to be drawn up the casing.

How we define success

Ely and Associates measures its success by an objective, fool-proof standard: ongoing productivity. A high production well that quickly tapers off in production has little value to an E&P.

By prescribing–and applying–the proper stimulation, we have high initial production, and our production stays high to keep wells profitable.