Slick water Fracturing and Conventional Viscous Fluids

Ely has pioneered the use of effective slick water treatments, as is the unquestioned leader in the development of quality control of cross-linked fracturing fluids.

On-Site Quality Control of Critical Cementing Treatments

Ely and Associates’ personnel have a tremendous amound of experience in design and optimization of critical cement jobs for onshore and offshore operations.

“Frac Pack” Stimulation Treatments

Ely and Associates’ personnel have been been in the forefront of high permeability fracturing in the Gulf of Mexico, the North Slope and throughout the world. On-site diagnostics and optimization of tip screenout treatments for near wellbore damage removal as well as quality control of gravel pack operations are services supplied since the inception of the company.

Coalbed Methane Projects

Ely and Associates have been involved in numerous coalbed methane projects in Alabama, New Mexico, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Kansas, as well as Europe and Australia. New fracturing techniques and fluid systems have been developed by our firm for these areas. In most cases, due to relatively low bottom hole temperatures and pressures of coalbed methane deposits, quality control on these wells is critical to their success.

Post Stimulation Evaluation

Ely and Associates’ personnel can also design, conduct and analyze post-stimulation pressure transient tests along with the analysis of production history to evaluate the effectiveness of the stimulation treatment.

Stimulation Supervision and Quality Control

Ely and Associates’ personnel have over 800 years of combined experience in field supervision and quality control of stimulation treatments. Detailed supervision, which includes quality control of fracturing fluids and additives, is essential for the success of all hydraulic fracture treatments. Basic quality control procedures, such as monitoring fluid viscosity and conducting pre- and post-treatment inventories, are performed on every treatment Ely and Associates supervises. Additionally, Ely and Associates can provide intense quality control, which includes the prejob analysis of fluid viscosity on site at in-situ conditions, to determine gel stability and proper breaker loadings. After the frac treatment, Ely’s engineers provide recommendations for flow back of the well to maximize frac fluid cleanup and minimize damage to the fracture.

Stimulation Design

Utilizing information evaluated in the pre-stimulation formation evaluation, Ely and Associates uses sophisticated fracture design software to design a stimulation treatment. Ely and Associates personnel also stay updated on the latest technology in fluid and proppant selection. This helps to assure that the client receives the best available fluid, additives, and proppant for their application.

Pre-Stimulation Evaluation

Ely and Associates’ engineers perform a detailed formation evaluation prior to the design of a stimulation treatment. Well test data, logs, core data, etc. are all evaluated and considered in the design of an optimized stimulation treatment. Ely and Associates’ engineers also make completion recommendations for optimizing stimulation. Such completion recommendations include casing and cementing programs, perforation placement and breakdown/ bailout procedures.

Linear, Crosslink Gels and Slickwater Fracturing

Ely and Associates’ engineers excel at Hydraulic Fracturing supervision and consulting. Fracturing experts may be retained to oversee service company operations. This ensures that the job proceeds smoothly, and according to the design. Problems that arise will be solved and the fracturing design may be adjusted to correct for the interruption. The engineer on location will also ensure that quality control procedures are followed and that the service company performs well.