Unrivaled Experience

With a combined experience of over 800 years, Ely and Associates is a unique group of engineering professionals specializing in the stimulation of oil and gas wells. Ely and Associates was founded in May of 1991 by John Ely and three partners. Today, the group has a team of 85 engineers and 2 contract employees dedicated to implementing the very best the industry has to offer in fracturing technology, well completions, stimulation fluid design, and reservoir analysis. Prior to joining Ely and Associates, members have been involved in the development, field introduction, and support of stimulation fluids and systems for major service companies all over the world. Today we still assist the service companies in the development and improvement of their stimulation systems.

As a result of so much combined knowledge and experience, the engineers at Ely and Associates have a more thorough understanding of the entire hydraulic fracturing process than the service company personnel assigned to the treatment. Their experience with fracture treatments the world over have given them a unique perspective, as well as a very extensive knowledge of hydraulic fracturing. As such, they are often able to save money and time by quickly resolving, or preventing, problems that occur before, during, and after the treatment.