About Us

From superior Frac Design to

Complete Wellsite Management

For 30+ years, Ely and Associates has been one of the foremost authorities in well completions. Ely Wellsite Management provides IADC-Certified Well Control representatives to handle site prep, frac supervision, wireline ops, coil ops, toe preps, and onsite operations. Ely Legacy Services delivers superior frac design, onsite frac supervision, remote data transmission supervision and analytics, expert in-house engineers, and expert witness services. Proud to employ the best people in the business, our highly experienced team members have been involved in the development, field introduction, and support of stimulation systems for nearly every major service company. Whether you choose our Legacy Services or Wellsite Management, you can always Rely on Ely.

Why our expertise matters

Stimulation treatments require highly interconnected fracture systems, which exponentially increase the surface area of the formation, creating a greater flow of hydrocarbons.

It sounds simple, but every rock formation has different physical properties. Every region has different resources available. Prescribing the wrong treatment, either because of the lack of knowledge or misinterpretation of data, can result in a failed well. Ely experts have successfully completed thousands of wells around the world and have broad experience working in every type of play. This familiarity is critical to getting superior results.

The combination of our unique design process and first-hand knowledge sets us apart.

Design, implementation, and optimization

In North America, virtually every producing well on land has been hydraulically fractured, and the way the fracture treatment is designed has a direct impact on the operator’s success. Many E&P companies have walked away from very successful shale plays because the wrong fracture treatment failed to produce results.

Massive hydrocarbon reserves, enough to produce energy for the growing population for many years, are locked in low-permeability reservoirs around the world. Many of these plays have been deemed inviable with conventional drilling, due to the slow release rate from tight pores in the rock.

By creating intricate, interconnected fracture systems in the rock with high-pressure water injections, producers are able to extract fuels in significantly higher volumes.

Ely and Associates measures its success by an objective, foolproof standard: ongoing productivity. A high-production well that quickly tapers off in production has little value to an E&P. By prescribing–and applying–the proper stimulation, we have high initial production, and our production remains high to keep wells profitable.