Beyond the Well

Creating Cleaner Energy Domestically

Energy Independence

Creating Cleaner Energy Domestically

The era of easy oil may be long gone, but improved technology has made vast reserves of cleaner fossil fuels available. Hydraulic fracturing has also restored old wells–once unviable–to production. Deep, tight formations appear to contain enough energy to power the world economy for up to a century using today’s technology, and that technology is improving daily. This breakthrough has added countless jobs and brightened economic horizons around the world. And it’s just getting started.


Doing it well means doing it right

Most fracture treatments nowadays are performed with water and a simple friction reducer, not the 600 toxic chemicals that many detractors claim. The vast majority of domestic shale plays are deep in the earth, separated from groundwater sources by miles of solid rock. Fossil fuels–and the systems that extract them–are so valuable that simple economic consequences are an overwhelming motivation to produce safe, secure, and viable wells.

Health and Safety

Keeping people and the environment safe
  • Ely is OSHA compliant with 300,33A (U.S. Department of Labor, ISNetworld, and VERIFORCE)
  • Ely also drafts, maintains, and adheres to wider-ranging internal HSE policies and procedures based on 800+ years of combined industry experience
  • All Ely personnel are PEC/VERIFORCE Safeland trained and certified
  • Ely has been proactive in the management and advancement of ESG programs with many of our clients, including introduction, adaptation and implantation of Tier 4 emissions frac equipment, Electric-Powered Frac Fleets, and Dual Fuel Diesel-powered and Compressed Natural Gas-powered frac equipment
  • Ely has more recently assisted with Geothermal well production and HSE to safely convert geothermal energy to electric power
  • Our founder, John Ely, holds the Society of Petroleum Engineers distinguished 2020 John Franklin Carl Award as well as the 2021 SPE Legends in Hydraulic Fracturing Lifetime Achievement Award. He and our other team leaders work continually to support the SPE by maintaining membership, publishing countless papers, and attending functions that support the advancement of our industry.

Assurance and Insurance

Safeguarding owners and investors
Assuring our clients that their investments are protected begins with sending the right people to the job site. Ely personnel are highly trained, full-time employees. Beyond their industry-leading IADC Wellsharp certifications, every Ely employee is also PEC/VERIFORCE Safeland trained and certified. That means they‘ve been equipped to handle virtually any variable that can protect or enhance the value of a client’s investment. Together with liability insurance coverages that meet or exceed all Master Service Agreement Requirements, clients can rest assured their investments couldn’t be in safer hands.